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Tooth implants are a great solution whether you need to replace one tooth or a complete denture. They act as a secure base for your artificial teeth and allow you to have dentition that feels and looks natural again. But how much do tooth implants cost? This article will discuss tooth implants, the factors influencing their cost, and more.


What are tooth implants? 

A tooth implant is a titanium screw that supports one or more artificial teeth. It can replace the root of a natural tooth when it fails and is inserted into the jawbone just like a tooth root.

Dental implants have a three-part design. They consist of the implant post or screw, the abutment (which connects to the implant post), and the tooth restoration or prosthesis (such as a crown, bridge, or denture).



Types of tooth implants

There are two types of tooth implants:



The most common type of tooth implant is called an endosteal implant. It typically looks like a small screw. An endosteal implant is made of titanium or other biocompatible materials that will not be rejected by your body. It is inserted into the jawbone during surgery, and it takes the place of the tooth root. One implant can support one or multiple teeth. Find further details



A subperiosteal implant is used when the existing jawbone is insufficient to support an endosteal implant. These tooth implants are inserted under your gum but not drilled into your bone; Instead, they sit just above it or on top of it.


What factors influence the cost of a tooth implant?

Given below are seven factors that can impact your dental implant cost. 

  1. The number of replacements. The cost of your dental implant treatment varies based on how many teeth need to be fixed and the present condition of your dental health. If you need multiple replacements, these can be done at different times or all at once, affecting the total cost. Discover more
  2. Overall dental health. If you have oral health issues like gum disease, you’ll need initial treatments to make sure your mouth is healthy before getting implants.
  3. Tooth location. Because each patient’s mouth is different, every person requires a unique dental care plan. Your teeth may need slight modifications to get the best results possible, which can sometimes require costly procedures.
  4. Extractions. If the tooth requiring replacement is still in your mouth, it must first be extracted. Tooth extraction is a separate treatment with its associated costs.
  5. Bone density. To have a successful tooth implant treatment, you need sufficient jawbone density to hold the titanium post. If your bone density is too low, you may need a bone graft before proceeding with the tooth implant to achieve optimal results.
  6. Materials used. Tooth implants are usually constructed from a titanium root and ceramic crown. This combination is often used because the jawbone fuses readily with titanium. In some cases, patients may need special materials due to metal sensitivities, which can influence the price of tooth implants. The most frequent substitute for titanium is a ceramic dental implant.
  7. Surgeon’s skill & expertise. The more experienced (number of procedures done) and skilled (training, seminars) the surgeon is, the higher the fee. To get more information about dental implant costs, click this link.


How much do dental implants cost?

The cost of dental implants differs based on how many teeth require replacement and if patients need a sinus lift or bone graft. In Australia, a single dental implant may cost between $3,000 and $5,500. If you need extra procedures like a sinus lift or bone graft, the price can go up to $11,500.


Benefits of tooth implants

The price might sound hefty until you consider that it’s actually an investment. Tooth implants offer several benefits, including: Go to

  • They are an option even for patients in advanced age
  • They boost the quality of life and self-confidence
  • They have a realistic and natural appearance
  • They are more long-lasting than dentures and bridges
  • They prevent bone loss
  • They don’t need the frequent maintenance and/or repairs of dentures and bridges


Invest in tooth implants to restore your smile

At Bright Dental Group, we want to help our patients get optimal oral health without breaking the bank. Our experienced and caring team provides affordable dental services that are convenient for you, from dental implants to root canals and teeth cleanings. 

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.






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