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Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas In Glenmore Park – Worry-Free Dental Appointments

We call it dental nitrous oxide, but you probably know it better as laughing (happy) gas. It’s a form of sedation where you’ll feel relaxed but can still respond to the dentist when necessary. Bright Dental Group offers the latest sedation dentistry using laughing gas.

What is laughing gas? Our Glenmore Park dentist explains

Officially known as dental nitrous oxide, happy gas is colourless, odourless and causes no harm. Gently administered through the nose, our dentists use it together with anaesthetic to further relax an anxious or nervous patient during a dental procedure.

How Sedation dentistry at our Glenmore Park dental practice works

As a full-service dental practice, many patients undergo treatments that require sedation, anaesthetic, or both.

While our experienced team is friendly and gentle, our dentists know that not all patients feel comfortable and confident sitting in the dentist’s chair.

That’s why Bright Dental Group here in Sydney, NSW, offer laughing gas to our Glenmore Park patients when they need it most.

The gentle sedative is administered through the patient’s nose before and during treatment and works very quickly (usually within 2-3 minutes). It can cause euphoria, but typically, people feel serenely calm and relaxed when in the dental chair.
Laughing gas does not provide a numbing effect like anaesthetic and is best used in conjunction with, and not instead, of a numbing agent.

The gentle sedative can, however, be used safely on all patients, including children.

laughing gas

What’s the procedure to get laughing gas?

While our dentists offer happy gas for many dental treatments, you can also talk to us about any treatment worries you have. Together we can work on a plan to help you get the treatment you need without feelings of fear or anxiety.

The procedure for happy gas in Glenmore Park is quite simple.

  • Because the gentle sedative is inhaled through the nose, no injections are needed. Instead, patients breathe the gas and air mixture through a small facemask.
  • By breathing normally, patients can quickly absorb the oxygen and nitrous oxide combination through the lungs, thus feeling any calming effects.
  • Patients remain conscious while receiving sedation dentistry, enabling them to do things like moving their tongue, opening and closing their mouth or biting down when requested.
  • As quickly as the sedative takes effect, it dissipates when the nosepiece is removed and rarely leaves a patient feeling groggy.

If you are a nervous or anxious patient and feel apprehensive about getting dental treatment, talk to our team about happy gas here in Glenmore Park.

We provide the latest sedation techniques, including laughing gas, enabling patients to receive the treatment they need safely, effectively, and in a stress-free way.

Don’t miss out on the treatment you need because of feelings of fear or anxiety. If you have any questions about your upcoming procedure, the team at Bright Dental Group are here to help.