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Orthodontic Braces in Glenmore Park

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Orthodontic Braces in Glenmore Park.

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Innovative Treatments To Transform Your Smile

If you shudder at the thought of getting braces, then you may want to think again. Here at the Bright Dental Group, we offer innovative orthodontic braces for Glenmore Park patients that are far removed from the ‘clunky’ metal style braces of old.

Instead, our appliances are lightweight and sleek but more importantly, because they’re discreet, adults, as well as kids, will feel comfortable wearing them.

Orthodontics in Glenmore Park – Choose from a number of options

While the concept behind wearing braces hasn’t altered, the systems used to create this concept have. As a result, our NSW patients can benefit from 21st-century technology that uses the latest materials.

Contemporary metal-style appliances, for example, are both lightweight and comfortable. Moreover, we can provide modern orthodontic treatments to fit in with your lifestyle. Quick-fix solutions such as C-Fast braces, for instance, offer patients a super-fast cosmetic solution to straighten only those teeth that are located in the smile line.

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How our family dentist in 2745 can help you

Our skilled dentist Dr Kate Kim is highly experienced in creating beautifully straight smiles, so you don’t necessarily need to see a specialist orthodontist. She will talk to you about your options in order to create the individualised dental care and treatment that fits in with your lifestyle, needs and wishes.

Straight teeth mean healthy teeth

If you think about it, the straighter your teeth are, the healthier they can be. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean as they provide better access for brushing and flossing.
Here’s how the orthodontics process works…

The consultation
During the first meeting, Dr Kim will take a series of x-rays and impressions and discuss your options. Based on this she will then formulate a treatment plan.
The fitting

Once your chosen braces are ready, you’ll be called back to our Glenmore Park dentists to have your braces carefully attached. You’ll also be given some important care instructions.

Regular checks
During periodic checks, we’ll see how you’re progressing and adjust your braces when necessary. This is to ensure you remain on track
The reveal

Finally, after a set period of time, it’s time to remove your dental appliance. This is when you get to see your new smile for the first time.

If you’re not happy with your current crooked smile, then come and talk to us about orthodontic braces in Glenmore Park. We care about your smile and have the expertise to transform it. To book an orthodontic consultation call our Glenmore Park dentist on 02 4708 9691.