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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening in Glenmore Park – Put The Sparkle Back Into Your Smile

If you’re looking to put the sparkle back into your smile then we can help. Come and talk to us about our professional teeth whitening in Glenmore Park. At the Bright Dental Group, Dr Kate Kim and the team offer both chairside and take-home teeth whitening treatments designed to give you a whiter, brighter smile.

Pola Teeth whitening in Glenmore Park

Pola is one of the best known and proven brands on the market. Its advanced teeth whitening systems focus on providing fast working treatments with less sensitivity. You can choose from in-office teeth whitening carried out chairside by our dentist Dr Kim, or you can opt for our take-home teeth bleaching kits which enable you to whiten your teeth over a period of days in the comfort of your own home.

‘At home’ Pola teeth whitening kits

Our take-home kits come with custom made bleaching trays designed to fit your teeth along with sufficient whitening gel. We can provide stronger gels designed to be worn for just 30 -90 minutes a day, or alternatively, we can provide lesser strength gels to be worn overnight during sleep. Either way, patients should see noticeable results in as little as 10 – 14 days

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Chairside teeth whitening in Glenmore Park NSW

If you don’t want to wait two weeks or more for whiter results, you might want to consider whitening your teeth using the latest chairside methods. Treatment is super-fast, whitening teeth in as little as one hour and because you can fit it into your daily schedule, it provides a convenient option.

If your teeth are more of a buttermilk yellow than pearly white and you feel that it’s about time you did something about it, then come and talk to Dr Kim and the team at Bright Dental Group. We can also combine whitening procedures to bring out the cosmetic beauty in your smile. Book a consultation today to discuss your teeth whitening options here in NSW.