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With tooth implants, you can obtain a gorgeous smile that looks and functions as if it were your own. These replacement teeth are strong, dependable, and remarkably natural-looking—offering an enduring solution for a missing tooth or teeth in the mouth. Fortunately, with proper maintenance, they can last forever! So why not make the most of this amazing technology to reclaim your confidence and restore a healthy grin?


Components of dental implants 


implanted tooth process glenmore parkImplant post

The titanium implant post is inserted into the jawbone, becoming a prosthetic tooth root. This tiny metal rod fuses to the bone naturally over time and is both durable and biocompatible.

Dental implant surgery requires the patient to have a post inserted into their jaw, which must be left to heal for several months. Once this period of healing is complete, an artificial tooth can then be attached.



The abutment, which is a metal connector placed on top of the post and over the gum line, securely supports any artificial teeth attached. This device can be constructed from titanium, porcelain, or zirconia – whatever best suits your needs.



A tooth implant’s prosthesis is a remarkable substitute tooth that replicates the appearance and performance of a natural one. This replica can be constructed from gold, porcelain, or even an amalgamation of both materials.



Types of dental implants

There is an array of options to choose from when it comes to tooth implants, such as:


Endosteal implants

These implants are the superior choice for anyone with missing natural teeth, as they provide a long-term solution that is securely embedded in your jawbone. Upon healing, a restoration can be easily attached so you can enjoy natural-looking results and improved dental health.


Subperiosteal implants

These dental implants are not embedded in the jawbone; rather, they rely on gum tissue for stability. When recovery is complete and the gums have healed, a metal frame attaches to the implant; afterwards, prosthetic teeth are connected to this structure.


options teeth implant glenmore parkAll-on-4 implants

All-on-4 dental implants provide the perfect solution for replacing all missing teeth in either your upper or lower jaw – without needing a separate implant for each tooth. This revolutionary method involves four strategically placed implants into the jawbone, providing greater stability and comfort than other options available. Once the implants have healed, they can now be used to secure an implant-supported denture.


Implant-supported bridge

For those missing multiple consecutive teeth, an implant-supported bridge could be the ideal dental replacement. This device uses one or more artificial teeth affixed to implants for a secure and natural-looking solution. With this option, patients can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile without worrying about their restoration becoming loose or falling out.


Dental implants procedure

During the initial consultation with a dentist, the patient will be evaluated for gum and jawbone health to determine if dental implants are suitable for them. This process is necessary to make sure that getting dental implants is a viable option. Once authorised for a dental implant, the subsequent step is to secure the appliance within the jawbone. After the dental implant has healed, an artificial tooth is placed on the implant. To ensure optimal health, remember to brush your teeth twice daily and maintain excellent oral hygiene habits going forward.


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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner. 




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