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Clear Braces

Clear Braces in Glenmore Park – Creating Amazing Smiles Discreetly

Are you fed up with your crooked teeth but don’t fancy the thought of metal braces? We can help. We offer clear braces in Glenmore Park that enable you to straighten your teeth with complete discretion.

Transparent aligners here in NSW offer a convenient alternative to conventional orthodontics. They work in the same way as fixed metal appliances in that they use gentle but stained force to move teeth. However, rather than using one fixed appliance for the duration of your treatment, a series of removable aligners are worn sequentially like a clear mouthguard over the teeth. As a result, you get all the benefits of fixed bracket and wire style braces but without the inconvenience.

So what are your options?

Here at the Bright Dental Group, you can opt for Invisalign in Glenmore Park, or if you prefer, you can choose an Australian brand known as SmileStyler.

Glenmore Park patients should know that ‘aligner style’ orthodontic treatment has proven to deliver great results, leaving your teeth beautifully straight and even.

Clear Braces

What are the benefits of clear braces in Glenmore Park NSW?

Removable orthodontic appliances such as SmileStyler and Invisalign here in Glenmore Park have a number of advantages over metal devices.

  • They’re easily removable allowing you to take them out when you eat drink and brush your teeth
  • They’re custom made to fit your mouth for complete comfort
  • They’re discreet so nobody needs to know you’re wearing them


Are you ready to start your journey to straighter teeth?

If you’re interested in straightening your teeth in a discreet manner, why not call the Bright Dental Group in Glenmore Park, NSW to book a consultation. Dr Kim will examine your teeth to see if you are a suitable candidate and discuss your best options.