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TMJ Treatment
(Teeth Grinding)

TMJ Treatment in Glenmore Park – How We Can Help

Temporomandibular Joint (or TMJ) disorders are becoming more commonly diagnosed problems. Thankfully, in addition to being an experienced dentist, Dr Kim here at the Bright Dental Group is also a trained oral myofunctional therapist. This means that she helps residents by offering patients non-surgical TMJ treatment in Glenmore Park.

How do I know If I Have TMJ disorder?

You have temporomandibular joint disorder if you experience pain or a clicking sound when opening or closing your jaw, or when your jaw is locked in one position. Other symptoms of TMJD include neck pain and headaches, dizziness or a ringing in the ears.

So what causes TMJ disorder?

Mandibular joint problems are often caused when a person excessively clenches their jaw or grinds their teeth, usually during sleep. It can also be the result of an undiagnosed condition known as sleep apnoea which causes irregular breathing patterns during sleep.

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What about TMJ treatment in Glenmore Park?

There are several treatments that dentists can use to treat a TMJ disorder including

  • anti-inflammatory medication
  • muscle relaxants
  • dental devices such as orthodontic mouthguards or splints
  • physiotherapy; and
  • oral surgery.

If, for example, you suffer from teeth grinding, Glenmore Park residents should know that it’s the action of grinding the teeth that causes wear and tear on the mandibular joint. Dr Kim and her team can help to eradicate TMD problems and prevent further wear to the teeth by providing comfortable custom-made mouthguards that put an end to the clenching and grinding action. Simply wear them at night for best results. Oral appliance therapy can also be used to help with sleep apnoea.

If you suffer from teeth grinding, sleep apnoea or have jaw or facial discomfort and think you might need assistance, call the Bright Dental Group. We can help with TMJ treatment in Glenmore Park so book a consultation today!