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A brilliantly white smile not only looks good, but it can also make you feel good too. Over time, our teeth can become discoloured due to age, illness, or consuming pigmented foods and drinks. While daily brushing can help prevent some staining, revitalising your smile requires a stronger intervention for darker stains.

If you want to know how to get white teeth, your trusted Bright Dental Group dentist has the answers. Professional teeth whitening services can dramatically improve the colour of your teeth in just one visit. 


Why Teeth Stain?

Your teeth may appear solid, but they are made up of layers. The hard outer layer of your tooth is called enamel. The hard enamel layer protects the soft interior of your tooth, known as the dentin. Both of these layers are responsible for the white appearance of your teeth. 

While your tooth enamel is the hardest structure in your body, it’s not impermeable. Certain materials like coffee, tea, and wine can work their way into porous the top protein layer of your tooth enamel. At first, these stains are temporary and can be corrected with regular brushing. Your twice-yearly visits to your dentist provide a deeper cleaning that can also remove these temporary stains.

However, these compounds can work their way below the top layer of proteins on your tooth enamel with consistent exposure. When this happens, you need a stronger teeth whitening product to restore the brightness of your teeth.    


How to Get White Teeth?

If you’re looking to put the sparkle back in your smile, professional teeth whitening can help. Your friendly dentists at Bright Dental Group offer several solutions to brighten your smile in as little as one hour. 


Chairside Teeth Whitening

options how to get white teeth glenmore parkIf you want to know how to get white teeth quickly, then chairside teeth whitening is for you. Your dentist applies a powerful peroxide-based tooth whitening gel to the surface of your teeth. The gel sits on the surface of your teeth for eight minutes, which lifts and disperses the stains. The gel is rinsed away, and the treatment is repeated two more times to achieve your desired tooth shade. 

At Bright Dental Group, we use the Pola professional system, which offers the fastest-acting teeth whitening gel to give you the best results in less time. Our system can be applied in just one hour-long visit. The whitening gel is specially formulated to reduce tooth sensitivity. You’ll get whiter teeth faster and with fewer side effects. 


At-Home Teeth Whitening

Whitening your teeth at home will take longer than chairside treatments due to the lower concentration of bleach but offers you convenience and flexibility. It typically takes two weeks to see results with at-home teeth whitening kits. 

Your dentist can provide you with custom-fitted dental trays to hold your teeth whitening gel. Our clinic offers several different gel strengths depending on how long you want to wear your dental trays. At-home treatments with the strongest gel take about 30 minutes every day, while the lowest concentration gel can be used for patients who want to do their teeth whitening overnight.


Caring for Your White Teeth

After a professional teeth whitening service, it’s important to maintain good oral hygiene to maintain your newly refreshed smile. Twice daily brushing and regular cleanings at your dentist can help keep your teeth stain-free and pearly white. 


Restore your brilliant white smile today. Contact the caring and professional team at Bright Dental Group at (02) 4708 9691 to learn how to get white teeth today.