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Dental implants have transformed dentistry by providing the only permanent way to restore missing teeth. Although the procedure is highly effective, it is considered major oral surgery, and many patients wonder, does a tooth implant hurt? If you need to replace missing teeth, understanding what discomfort to expect during and after the procedure can help minimise your concerns. 



Does a Tooth Implant Hurt During the Procedure?

Getting dental implants is a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthetic. Before injecting the surgical site with anaesthesia, your dentist applies a numbing gel to reduce discomfort from the needle. 

We also offer laughing gas for anxious patients, people with a sensitive gag reflex, or those receiving multiple dental implants. Also called inhalation sedation, laughing gas consists of nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen administered via a face mask. The gas begins to work within two to three minutes and induces deep relaxation and euphoria, helping you to remain calm throughout the procedure.

The effects wear off within minutes of removing the mask. If you are considering inhalation sedation for your procedure, find a dentist that offers a free consultation to find out if this sedation method is right for you. 

After receiving anaesthesia, you may feel some pressure when the dentist drills the hole in your jawbone to embed the dental implants; however, you won’t feel dental implant pain because the bone tissue has no nerve endings.

Once your dentist has sutured the wound, you may feel minor discomfort and tenderness around the site as the anaesthetic wears off. This is primarily due to inflammation and swelling around the implant, which is your body’s natural immune response. Swelling peaks around three days after surgery and should completely subside after seven days.


Does a Tooth Implant Hurt: Dental Implant Pain After Surgery

While minor dental implant pain is normal for several days after surgery, if your discomfort persists or worsens, it can be a sign of infection and requires immediate treatment. There are several causes of persistent throbbing pain after dental implant surgery, which include:


Incision line opening

An incision line opening is a common post-surgical complication. It occurs when the tissue surrounding the dental implants reopens, exposing the implant post. This can cause irritation and pain and increases the risk of infection. However, most dentists won’t close the tissue over the implant post again; instead, you may be prescribed a chlorhexidine mouth rinse to prevent infection. 


A poorly fitted implant

If your implant moves more than 0.5mm horizontally or you feel pain when biting or chewing, it may indicate that the jawbone is not fusing correctly to the implant post. Your dentist may remove your dental implants and reattach them in a later surgery. 


discomfort teeth implants glenmore parkInfection

If food debris or bacteria enter the implant site, it can cause a painful infection called peri-implantitis. Peri-implantitis leads to inflammation and progressive hard and soft tissue loss around the implant site.

Depending on the severity of the infection, your dentist may not need to remove your implant. They might debride the implant and sterilise the area, then prescribe a course of antibiotics to control the infection. 


Visit Bright Dental Group to Manage Dental Implant Pain After Surgery

If you are considering implant surgery and wondering does a tooth implant hurt, get a free consultation at your local dental clinic in Glenmore Park at Bright Dental Studio. When you get a free dental consultation near you, your dentist can perform a thorough exam to determine whether you are a candidate for dental implants and explain the procedure in-depth to alleviate any concerns.

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Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.





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